South Korea Day 1: Arrival + Nami Island


It was during my first year in high school when I started to immerse myself in the Korean pop culture scene, man, that was already ten years ago! Ever since then, I have longed to visit the land of Oppas  (lol) and I thought back then that it is a dream that is yet to come true. Lo and behold! My family started planning for a holiday trip to South Korea last January and I felt that all of my fan girl dreams are starting to come true. 

Please keep in mind that this is not a guide post and just an entry to share my experiences with you. I am no travel blogger, so please forgive me. Hahaha!

We flew via Korean Air in March 28 at 12 midnight. I don't have as much issue with the airline except for the cabin's temperature being hot in-flight. I think they turned off the air-conditioning or lowered its temperature a few minutes after take-off. They served traditional bibimbap as the first option, and fish for those who do not fancy a spicy midnight snack. Personally, the food was okay. We arrived in Incheon International Airport at 4:14AM, South Korean Timezone.

I also made sure to get myself a KT Mobile Data sim card for 27,500KRW, which definitely did come in handy. The LTE internet coverage throughout South Korea was very fast and reliable! I am able to upload a bunch of photos to my Google drive in less than ten minutes. LOL!

For our first day, we visited Nami Island and Petite France. It took about an hour and a half for us to reach Nami Island from our hotel in Toegye-ro, Seoul. The travel is traffic free and very smooth. Did you know that Nami Island is a separate county or small state in South Korea? It's actually called Naminara Island Republic. Cool, right?

Before reaching the island itself, you have to ride a ferry boat for about ten minutes. After which, you will be welcomed with tall trees, beautiful environment, and relaxing over-all vibe. I think I enjoyed Nami Island the most!

Nami Island is definitely a sight to behold! The clean surroundings and the bustling of leaves were very relaxing. Nami Island is also packed with various snack and souvenir shops so you can rest while exploring the island. Each and every corner of Nami Island is truly photogenic!

We spent around three hours in total exploring Nami Island, and I would definitely would want to go back. Autumn, maybe? *wink*

After Nami Island, we headed towards Petite France and it was equally a marvellous place worth visiting!

Here's a bit more photos from our Nami Island trip:

*my camera is acting up since January so some photos are blurry HAHA* :(


  1. Lovely photos, Pat! I hope I can also visit South Korea, mag-uuwi ako ng mga oppa! Haha!

    1. Thank you Clarisa!!! Nakisama pa ang camera ng day one nung next day and ff days sobrang blurred na nya 😂


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