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BLK Cosmetics is not an unfamiliar name to me. I have heard a lot about the brand but haven't really got the chance to try anything from them, until my cousin informed me that they will be releasing a Kbeauty collection. As a Kbeauty fan myself, I know that I have to try something from that collection so I can also write a first-hand review about it. Before finally checking out my cart from BeautyMNL, I watched Raiza Contawi's first impression and review first. Lo and behold, I was convinced to buy their All-Day Lip & Cheek Tint.

For this review, I will be talking about first about the brand, product and its claims, packaging, formula and smell before I proceed to discussing more regarding each shade that I bought.

BLK Cosmetics is the brainchild of famous actress, TV host, and self-confessed make-up lover, Anne Curtis. It aims to provide Filipinas uncomplicated beauty hence the name BLK. BLK stands for BLACK which means timeless, elegant, and uncomplicated. The brand came to life with the help of businesswoman and beauty maven, Jacqe Yuengtian Gutierrez.

So, what is it with their new collection? It is not new to everyone that Anne Curtis has been influenced with the Hallyu wave and is a self-confessed Korean drama fan girl. To give homage to her love for anything Korean, she launched her latest line under BLK Cosmetics, the KBeauty Collection. The collection includes the basic Korean beauty line such as BB/CC cream stick, lip and cheek tint, creamy cheek paint, and matte lipstick.

I decided to get two of their lip tints because I tend to stay away from lipstick the past few days as I find wearing tints more comfortable and easier.

Their all-day lip & cheek water tint claims to deliver a fresh, vivid color that's great for achieving just-pinched cheeks or just-bitten lips—perfect for that low-key Korean look. The intense but blendable pigment lets you go as sheer or as vivid you prefer, and guarantees a natural-looking all-day flush (description from the website).


First of all, let me just say that the packaging is truly SPOT ON. I mean, look how simple yet sleek and classy it is? Plus points also to the kyeopta box that houses the tube upon purchase. The way the texts and every detail was placed around the box is well-thought of and really easy to the eyes. Aside from that, the tints are contained inside a plastic tube that is definitely sturdy, plus it comes with an applicator that bends for easier application!

Smell & Taste

The tints smell sweet but not to the point that it is bothering to the nose. If you have sensitive sense of smell, I guess, these tints can somehow work for you. It also does not linger compared to what I have tried before. However, one thing that I was really bothered with is the strong bitter taste these tints have, if ever you get to accidentally get some inside your mouth. You just have to be careful when applying, although it's forgivable given how these tints lived up to my expectations.


Most local tints that I have tried does not apply evenly, especially on the upper lip. I was very pleased with how the tints managed to apply evenly and smoothly giving you stronger pigmention on your lips. They are also not THAT drying which is a plus point for me.

So, I've bought two shades, red and cherry. Let us now move on to discussing each shade and their longevity. :)


This red shade is described as deep red on their website. Upon application to the lips, it delivers a fresh no-make up make up look that Koreans are famous for. It does not look very red on the lips and is subtle enough for everyday use. This shade lasted for about three hours after eating and drinking, and it leaves a faint tint on the lips that helps in making you look not washed out.


My search for the perfect berry red shade is finally over! I am glad I have decided to purchase this shade too as it gives you that perfect Korean pop-star vibe (reminds me a lot of Red Velvet's Joy). It helps in freshening your look and from my experience, this lasted longer compared to the red shade of about another 2 hours. It leaves you with a pinkish-reddish tint afterwards.

Over-All Thoughts

I am very, very pleased with these tints although I am not a huge fan of its taste. Another con that I would like to emphasize on this review is its price. Although it is a good tint, the price for me is a bit on the expensive side considering how much product is inside per tube. Each tube retails for P249 per 2.15 grams. I computed and that is about 115PHP per gram. It is a bit pricey compared to your normal tints and other Korean branded ones, but I would like to think that I am paying for its beautiful container, SPOT ON formula, and the fact that it is cruelty-free. Which I think is better to pay a few more bucks as we are sure these are not tested to our lovely animals. If you would ask me if I will re-purchase these tints, I think my answer is, yes. Over-all, I'm satisfied and yeah, Congratulations, Anne Curtis!

Get your Kbeauty fix here:

BLK Cosmetics Official Website

Have you tried the BLK Cosmetics' Kbeauty Collection? What have you tried and what would you like to try? Share them by leaving some comments below!

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