Ra & Gowoori Real Kill 9.9 Whitening Cream Review


Layering a lot of creams to boost moisture and prep your skin for your make-up base can be quite a work to do, and that is why I am glad I finally tried this Real Kill 9.9 Whitening Cream from RA & Gowoori. It is an all-in one whitening cream that provides moisturization and an instant brightening effect that enhances your over-all look to make you appear naturally glowing. For this entry, I will be talking about the product, what it does to our complexion, and basically just things that you need to know so it can help you decide whether to cop or drop this item.

What is Ra & Goowri Real Kill 9.9 Whitening Cream?

The Ra & Gowoori Real Kill 9.9 Whitening Cream is not just your ordinary daily moisturizer. It is packed with amazing ingredients such as glycolic acid—a powerful chemical that slows down the process of aging and improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

What does it claims to do?

Basically, this cream claims to give you an instant whitening effect, brighter, healthier, and even looking skin tone. Aside from the face, this can also be used through the rest of the body. This cream is very rich in anti-aging properties as mentioned above.

The packaging:

Similarly to the Ra & Gowoori Real Kill 9.9 Horse Oil Cream, this whitening cream is contained inside a jar and housed in a holographic box. The only difference is that the box and the jar is colored in white and silver. It also has a white plastic lid to protect the cream from drying out caused by air. Personally, I think the packaging is very clean and straightforward. Packagings that have a simple yet elegant design is what I am prefer as of the moment.

The smell:

This whitening cream smells crisp and fresh, like those newly washed linens. It smells really mild and refreshing.

The Formula & Consistency:

Compared to the Ra & Gowoori Velvety White Cream, this one from the Real Kill 9.9 line is on the watery side. While the Velvety White Cream is creamier, this one is more diluted. This is a lot easier to blend and gets absorbed more quickly by the skin. I also love how this dries down to a matte finish but not to the point where you feel as if moisture is being sucked out of your skin. Hahaha. This also have some glitters in it, so expect a truly glowing and brighter skin after application!

Demo Video:

My Verdict:

I love this product! Especially how it makes the skin look healthier and more plump. I like using this together with the Velvety White Cream. What I do is I apply this on the oily parts of my skin such as my forehead, nose, and chin, while the Velvety White Cream goes on to the rest of my face. Both products give you an instant glowing look na parang hindi ka stressed ever! I also noticed that this does not produce as much white cast as the Velvety White Cream so it is a plus point for me. However, since this has a matte finish, this may not be suitable or work best with people with dry skin. Some people like layering some soothing gel like aloe vera or cucumber gel before putting this on, but some claimed that this whitening cream does not go well with the said soothing products. I, for one experienced it with my primer. My primer only made this whitening cream clump after several minutes so I ditched using the former. I did not regret it though, as this whitening cream doubles also as primer. Best friend sila ng Maybelline Fit Me Foundation, from my experience! My skin did oil up whenever I use this but compared from before when I only use the Velvety White Cream alone, pairing them together controlled the excess oil production of my face especially on the t-zone area. Surprisingly, I did not experience any form of reaction of purging from this so I will definitely rate this one five stars out of five stars. Since I only use this occasionally, there were only minor changes in my complexion such as the lightening of my over-all complexion (my cousin noticed it too!).

Here's a photo of me where I used this whitening as a base/primer topped with my Maybelline Fit Me foundation:

Where To Buy:

Ra & Gowoori Real Kill 9.9 Whitening Cream - P470


  1. Great review and amazing photos! I've heard about this brand today but I wasn't able to check their product yet, it's bit sad that it boosts oil productions but if it helps with skin tone and pigmentation then it's worth a try :)

    1. Hello!

      Thank you so much! :)

      Rather than it boosts oil production, it actually kind of minimally controls it. I oil up too much around my t-zone area, but using this product as primer diminishes the way oil builds up on that areas. Before my face tends to look greasy or shiny after 3-4 hours but when I am using the Real Kill White, it doesn't oil up as much and only noticed a slight shine about 6 hours after of no retouch. :)

      This is really worth a try! Hehehe.

      Thanks again for this insightful comment :)

  2. Really helpful review, Patricia!!! I'm not one that's very much into skin care (I'm lazy AF but I'm trying to keep up with a routine), but your review makes me want to try this product. Hehe! :)

    xx jhanzey.net

    1. Hi, Jhanzey!

      Thanks for dropping by! This is one of the best cream/moisturiser I've tried so far. It does help in keeping me look matte! :) <3


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