Celebrate The Holiday Season With Tupperware Brands' Justice League Gift Sets + Giveaway


Christmas is just around the corner! One of my favorite things to do when holiday approaches is gift shopping! It just feels so nice to choose gifts for the people you love and put in extra effort selecting goodies for them. While it is fun and exciting to shop for gifts, it is also inevitable to get caught up in the holiday rush.

Fret not, though, as Tupperware Brands is here to save the day, just like your favorite Justice League superheroes!


Yes, you've read that right! Tupperware Brands expanded their horizons and began selling not only home essentials but also other products such as cosmetics and perfumes. Recently, they have collaborated with DC Comics and started offering cosmetics, skincare products, and perfume with Justice League Heroes as its theme.

Moving on, let us start with this short review about the different Justice League items that I was very lucky enough to receive just a few days ago! I am totally loving the Wonder Woman perfume that came together with the whole package. Also, keep on reading as I also have something special at the end of the entry for you! :)

These four individual mists smell awesome! Although the three of them are meant for guys, the scents is something that I really like. It is nice that the concoction or the cocktail of the scents is not very overwhelming to the senses. 

Batgirl Body Mist - this mist has a floral scent with a subtle hint of fruity aroma. It reminds me a lot of Dolce&Gabbana's La Lune 18 Perfume. The Batgirl Body Mist is perfect for your girls' night out! It's alluring and demure at the same time!

Aquaman Body Mist - the Aquaman Body Mist has a strong scent of musk to it, but I am surprised that it does not irritate my senses. It has a refreshing and cool fragrant that men will absolutely love.

The Flash Body Mist - probably one of the most gentlest scent out of all the mists included in this package. The Flash Body Mist gives off a nice, sweet, and citrus-y fragrant that keeps you fresh all day.

Batman Body Mist - the Batman Body Mist reveals a fragrance that can be related to wood and husk. It has a fresh smell that reminds me of early morning in the woods. :)

These hand sanitizers are amazing! They leave my hands feeling soft and considering that most alcohols can leave your skin dry, this, on the other handed kept my hand moisturized for a good number of hours! The sanitizers smell just like their body mist counterparts.

Also one of my favorites among them!!! These baby powder, cologne, and head-to-toe wash make me feel like I am young again! It leaves my skin refreshed, soft to touch, and moisturized. While the cologne is good for everyday use, like whenever I go run for errands!

Ah, the Wonder Woman Gift Set that I am very excited to talk to you about! The smell of this body lotion and body scrub is heaven! It has a sweet, candy-like smell that leaves your skin feeling soft and moist the whole day! The body lotion also has a lightweight consistency that gets absorbed pretty fast by the skin. It's as if you did not apply anything on your skin but you still get it feeling moisturized and hydrated!

Just like its body scrub and lotion counterpart, the mist and shower gel literally smells like candy. It is sweet with a touch of floral. The mist also lasts for a good number of hours making it perfect for everyday use either at work or in school. Not only that this is great for personal use, but it also makes a very touching gift for DC aficionados!

This Superman Body Mist & Body Wash set is perfect for boys who love the said superhero! The scent of both the body wash and mist is definitely refreshing and can make anyone who spritz this onto their bodies feeling energized!

These Justice League goodies are truly satisfying and fun to collect! Be sure to snag these as soon as possible as they are also limited edition! Getting these Justice League perfumes, body wash, and lotions can help you unleash your inner superhero, and what's more? These gift sets are perfect as gifts for DC aficionados too! Giving these to be will surely be the highlight of their Christmas and I'm sure, they will definitely enjoy using these everyday!

Interested in these Justice League goodies too? Well, I've got something special for you as I am giving away another set of these mists and gift sets to one lucky reader! There is a catch, though. The prizes are meant to be picked up in a branch near you. Don't worry as Tupperware Brands have loads of branches nationwide so you can choose which location you have the most access to, and most convenient for you.

If you would like one for yourself (for sharing too!), enter my giveaway below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway contest will run from November 27, 2017 until December 6, 2017, 11:59pm. One winner will be chosen randomly and will be contacted the following day so he/she can give me his/her details. I will then coordinate this to the PR/Marketing representative of Tupperware Brands for further instructions. I hope you will join this giveaway sponsored by Tupperware Brands! Thank you, guys! :)

*Do note that the prizes might change depending on availability of the products at the branch where the winner will claim his/her prizes.

Click this link for list of branches near you.

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