RA & Gowoori Real Kill Horse Oil Cream Review


I have been in a trial-and-error affair with skincare products and only did six months ago that I have  realized that aloe vera gel is not for me. As I have posted a few months ago, I started using the Guerisson 9-Complex Horse Oil Cream, and after three months, there is not much of a difference; maybe it's just made my skin hydrated. That's it. Fifteen days ago, to be exact, I was itching to open my tub of RA & Gowoori Real Kill Horse Oil Cream and try it for myself. I am a member of a Korean cosmetics and skincare group on Facebook and this product receives so much positive reviews. I finally gave in and tried this moisturizer, and I must say, I am completely blown away.

Different animal extracts are not new anymore as an incorporation to skincare, but the thought of having to spread horse's oil across your face may irk you but beauty products undergo extensive and sterile process to be suitable for skin.


Even before the time where skincare products have started to gain popularity, horse oil was already a huge part of the industry. Many beauty enthusiasts swear by this ingredient since horse oil is well-known for treating different skin conditions. If you are wondering where does this miracle ingredient is being sourced, and to answer that question: horse oil came from actual horses. Nope, they don't butcher horses just for the sake for extracting its oils. Horse oil came from the little byproduct of farmed horses used for meat production. Basically, no horses are being harmed just to produce skincare products containing horse oil.


Horse oil is considered to be very beneficial. In fact, it is known to relieve the signs and symptoms of various skin conditions such as eczema, burns, wrinkles, acne, and to improve skin's elasticity. Most horse oil creams contain Niacinamide, also known as Vitamin B3 and nicotimanide, is a favorite skincare ingredient because of the many benefits it can give the skin. Among the benefits you can get from using Niacinamide are skin lightening, improvement of the appearance of pores, fight skin dullness, provide optimum moisturization, and prevent advancement of skin aging.


Anyway, siguro iniisip niyo ang dami kong sinasabi. Hahaha! So without further ado, I'll start with my review of the RA & Gowoori Real Kill Horse Oil Cream below. *wink*

I started using this horse oil cream about two weeks ago and without that much expectations, I was completely surprised how this product fared well with my skin and how it delivered actual results in a matter of one week. I decided to not yet write a review because I was still observing its effects on my skin. To start, as usual, I'll talk about the packaging.

The RA & Gowoori Horse Oil Cream is housed inside a gold and black box with holographic lines embracing the upper part of the packaging. For the actual product, just like the box, it's colored in black and gold. The cap being gold and really reflective you can use it as a mirror! The expiry date is printed at the bottom of the container--it is printed in black so be sure to scan it under a very clear lighting para mabasa mo siya. Hihihi.

Sabi sa inyo sobrang reflective nung cap, ang cuteeeeeee. Just like any other skincare products, it has another lid covering where the cream is placed. That way you can be assured that the cream is not exposed to air to avoid it getting all dried up.

The consistency and formula of this product is probably two of the reasons why I am already considering this as my holy grail moisturizer. The consistency of this product is similar to that of a whipped cream. It feels fluffy and easy to spread. The formula is also not that heavy, you can use this even at day time. I noticed that this gets absorbed pretty quickly too. The smell is similar to my previous horse oil cream but this one's on a more subtle side. It smells like lemon with just the right hint of the "horse oil".

This horse oil cream instantly produces a brightened and glowing complexion which I really love. Bye, dull skin! See that glowing streak on my hand? *wink* 

left picture: 5 days of use; right picture: after 9 days of use (+9 days after the picture on the left = 14 days)
Over-All Thoughts: I. AM. VERY. IMPRESSED. I started using this September 23. Exactly two weeks after using the product, there is quite a noticeable glow and my skin looks healthier compared to the picture on the left. Sorry, I forgot to snap a selfie during my initial application... HAHAHA :( But yes, this product does live up to its claims. This is not my first horse oil cream. My previous one did not work on me and I'm glad I switched to using this one from RA & Gowoori. During my first few days, I think my skin reacted or it purged with the new product. I have some dry patches here and there and some microcomedones had erupted. Fortunately, after a week of continuous use, the condition of my skin has improved. Now my skin feels smoother, supple, and some of the dark spots lightened a bit. Although there are still some marks left from my previous hormonal acnes. I suggest the use of this cream at night to maximize its effects because the skin renews itself during sleep. I will check back after another week!

PS: This should be applied at the last step of your skincare routine. Pang-seal ng goodness ng lahat products na ginamit niyo, ganon. Hehehe.

Until then!

*there is an on-going sale that if you buy 2 of this variant, you get 1 other variant for free.
*the review of this product is written in all honesty and according to my own personal experience of using it for two weeks. keep in mind that not all products that worked for me may work for you and vice versa. thank you!
*actual photos of myself are not post processed in any way. taken under natural lighting.


  1. If i use propolis with this one.. how should i apply it to my face? Propolis first? And then rkb? Thanks!

    1. Hello! Yes, lightweight formulas first before creams with thicker consistencies :)

      What I usually follow is:

      micellar water (if i am wearing make up) -> foaming wash -> tone -> serum -> moisturizer :)

  2. Should I apply rkb first before aloe vera?

    1. Hello! When doing skincare, thickest consistency goes last. In this case, apply liquids then gels then creams go last. Aloe vera first then rkb :)

  3. What's your skin type?

    1. Hi! I have combi. Oily tzone, rest is normal :)

  4. Hi have you tried using it on your Ua/groin area/stretch marks? Does it really work, like does it lighten?

    1. Hi! I haven't tried applying it on my body as my skin there is really sensitive to fragrances and chemicals. But a lot claims that this product works on lightening those areas. I think the fact that it lightens both acne marks and face can serve as indication. Even the owner herself has been using the product and she was able to provide proof of its efficacy. You may want to try it, though! Thanks a lot! :)

  5. San po siya nabibili? Meron po ba nito sa mga mall?

    1. Hi, kindly send me an e-mail at patriciadvmagno@gmail.com so i can assist you. Thanks!


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