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I've been getting quite a handful of messages from my social media accounts regarding my skincare routine. My night time routine is more extensive than my day time one so I've decided to write about the former first. Anyway, skincare routine, just like what I am always saying, is trial-and-error. I've tried so many products and brands before I ended up settling to these current favorites. Most items included here are products that I have been using for a couple of months and weeks now.

Building your skincare routine is an essential process and it is just as important if you like make-ups too. Why? Because for your base make-up products to stick onto your skin, you need a clean and well-prepped base. Night time skincare routines are usually extensive because the skin needs a huge boost of nutrients at the end of a tiring and exhausting day. One more thing that make night time skincare routine packed with products is because along with the natural process of the body replenishing and repairing the cells, skincare products' effects can also be maximized during sleep.

Moving on, here are the products that I have began using and including to my skincare routine:

1. Cleanse.

I do double cleansing when I only have make-up on or during those days where I feel like my face is really dirty. I use the Etude House Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Cream. I like that product from etude house because the cream melts onto your skin while removing make-up. For my facial foam, I use this Real Kill Green Tea Foam Cleanser. This cleanser effectively washes away dirt and deep cleanses the skin very mildly. It also calms down redness and I love how my skin feels smooth and still moisturized after cleansing. Something that I did not find in other cleansers that I have tried before. This does not create as much foams but it lathers into a creamy formula that feels really relaxing and soothing. Cleansing is the first step in your routine, this is to ensure removal of deep seated dirt and clear your pores of gunks and excess oils that have been accumulated throughout the day.

2. Tone.

I've only started using this Farmstay Horse Oil Jeju Mayu Visible Difference Toner (wow, that was a handful LOL) for two weeks now and I am very surprised that this toner actually works. To be honest, it did dry my skin and caused some wild purging like the appearance of microcomedones and flaking; that lasted for only a week though. So instead of using this both day and night, I've decided to just incorporate it in my night time routine. So far, it is effective in making your skin feel supple and delivering that glassy effect when it is fully absorbed. Choosing the correct toner is very important because the purpose of toners are to prep your skin for the rest of the skincare products that you will be using. Toners also balance the pH level of your skin and return the moisture that was loss during cleansing. Eventually, the effects of purging subsided and my skin looks fairly better now.

3. Serum.

Serum should always be applied after the toner for better absorption. Started using this Dear Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop serum and I was caught in amazement as this serum worked wonders to my skin. The first time that I've used this is that I felt my skin became instantly smooth and supple. Surprisingly, this product did not make me purge or whatsoever. Facial serums give an extra boost of needed nutrients into the skin.

4. Eye Cream.

Eye creams are very important part of your routine because of the sensitive skin surrounding your eyes. The delicate skin around them are prone to the effects of aging such as appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I find using eye cream helpful, especially now that I always go to bed late. This eye cream from Milky Dress, I have to be honest, did not provide an immediate result. Only after three months of consistent use that I've noticed some minor improvement on my eye area--especially the dark circles around them.

4. Moisturize.

I will really have to emphasize this... Moisturizing after putting on a handful of products is very important. Moisturizers seal in all the goodness you've got from your toner, serums, essences, eye creams, etc. It adds a protective barrier on your skin against dryness. With that, I'm recommending this RA & Gowoori Real Kill 9.9 Horse Oil Cream. I honest did not have that much expectations toward this cream but it does deliver its claims and fare well compared to my previous horse oil cream. It does its job in smoothing your skin and fading acne marks. I'm almost into my fourth week of using it, and I am already claiming this as my holy grail moisturizer.

5. Lip Care.

I get super dry lips that's why I apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly before going to bed. This works like magic because you get a moisturized lip the next day, and it helps when you are tired of getting cracked lips prior to applying lipstick.

Items that I use sparingly in a week:

1. Peeling Gel

Peeling gels are nice if you want to get rid of dead skin cells that block the pores, that will eventually lead to eruption of acne and other unwanted blemishes. Just remember to not overdo it because excessive peeling can make your skin sensitive and dry thus leading to increase in oil production. My favorite will be this Honeylemon Peeling Gel. It has a soothing and refreshing scent to it (although some people claim that they are being reminded of room freshners lol) that I love and it's really mild compared to the previous ones that I've tried. PS: I use peeling gels after cleansing and drying my face (Thursdays & Sundays or depending on my current skin condition). :)

2. Whitening Pack

Whitening packs does not necessarily whiten your skin, but they rather even out your skin tone and fade dark marks to reveal a clearer and brighter complexion. I usually grab and apply some on my skin especially during the days where I know I need it most. I use this whitening pack from RA & Gowoori which I will be reviewing soon. PS: I use this after cleansing and leave it on for a maximum of five minutes before rinsing it with lukewarm water (Mondays-Wednesdays-Fridays).

3. Facial Sheet Masks

Probably one of my favorites when doing my night time skincare routine. Facial sheet masks are awesome because it gives an instant boost in whatever your skin is lacking. My favorite variants are snail and green tea. I tried doing the one sheet mask per day for a week challenge and it worked on me really nice! PS: I put on sheet masks after letting the serum get absorbed by my skin. I let this sit for about 15-20 minutes before proceeding to applying eye cream and moisturizer (Tuesdays & Saturdays, or as needed).

Other tips:

Drink plenty of water. Two liters per day is good if you want to have a healthy looking and clearer complexion. It also helps in avoiding dry, cracking skin!

If not contraindicated, you can drink vitamin C at night before going to sleep to potentiate its effects. Remember to consult your doctor before doing this one.

Get adequate hours of sleep.

Eat healthy.

Be HAPPY. Probably the most important is to be positive and be happy as much as possible because it helps in making you look younger too. :)


There you have my current skincare routine for night time. I just want to remind everyone that not all things that worked on me will do for you. It is really a matter of trial and error. Remember also to take into consideration your skin type and what areas you want to target. Do things one at a time. :) I suggest, if you are just starting to build up your routine to start with the basics; that is to cleanse, tone, and prime. Skincare is not an overnight success--kailangan mo maging masipag at matiyaga but eventually, the results are amazing. *wink*

Where to buy Korean skincare products:

Various Korean skincare and beauty products retailers nationwide: Etude House, TheFaceShop, Tony Moly, Banila Co., etc.


  1. Yay! You finally shared your night time secrets, hahaha! Thank you for this, bb!!! I really enjoy reading your posts. c: They're all very informative and well-constructed!

    1. Thank you bb!!! May grammatical errors pa din, but thank you!!!!! <3

  2. Nice Informative Blog having nice sharing.. skincare wand

  3. Saan po pwede mabili yung horse oil cream? Meron po ba nito sa mall?

    1. I believe this is available in trinoma pop culture and other partner stores around metro manila. if you need more info, kindly send me an email at :)


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