Real Kill 9.9 Grean Tea Foam Cleanser Review


Finding the perfect facial cleansing foam is definitely trial and error. I'm glad I've got the chance to try this RA&GOWOORI Real Kill 9.9 Green Tea Foam Cleanser. This particular line/product from the Saeli Yuri Melissa Lee's All About Korean Cosmetics & Skincare group on Facebook receives so much positive reviews and being raved about by almost everybody.

To be able to give a decent and honest review, I've decided to use and include this in both my morning and evening skincare routine, and I must say, I am impressed with this particular product.

First, let's talk about its packaging. I love how the packaging looks very minimalist--if you know me personally, I love everything in that kind of aesthetic. This cleanser's container is very straightforward and pleasing to the eyes. It also has a flip-top type opening which makes dispensing of the product easier. The green and white accent to the tube is very refreshing to the eyes.

The box has written instructions in Korean too, as well as the tube itself. The instructions on how to use this cleanser is also written in English. I appreciate that they put another set of instructions in English because Korean cosmetics and skincare products are already gaining their own reputation worldwide.

For the formula/consistency of the foam, it comes out like a very dense whipped cream but turned to a milky liquid when mixed with water. It doesn't foam as much just like other cleansers which I prefer, because the lesser the foam it creates, the more mild the formula is. When you try to build up this cleanser on your hands and make an abundant amount of foam, you can already feel that it is very mild and safe for everyday use.

If you are wondering about its smell, this definitely reminds me a lot of Bath&Body Works' White Tea & Ginger Body mist. It's a very refreshing and mild smell that will remind you of summer. Light, relaxing, and soothing.

OVER-ALL THOUGHTS: I've tried a handful of Korean branded facial cleansing foam but I can say that this stands out from the rest of them--just like my other favorite from Piolang. The Real Kill 9.9 Green Tea Foam Cleanser is such a mild facial wash that it doesn't strip off the natural oils from your skin. You can definitely feel a difference after washing with this cleanser. Your skin feels more supple, smoother, and it gives an instant brightening effect. It also cleanses out dirt and gunks out of your pores as well as make-up resideus. One thing I've noticed after a week of using this is that it somehow lessened the redness on the left side of my cheek. Although I still have some dry patches here and there, it definitely improved the texture of my skin's surface. This is definitely one of the best facial cleansing foam that I've tried so far and I can't wait to try the charcoal variant of from the same line of Real Kill 9.9 Facial Foams.

Because its main ingredient is green tea, this foam cleanser is also effective in treating acne, improving skin's complexion, reducing inflammation, and helps delay the signs of skin againg. Aside from green tea, this product also contains aloe vera and witch hazel, another well-known antibacterial ingredient to help fight acne causing bacteria. The latter soothes, hydrates, and moisturizes the skin.

If you'd ask me if this have some flaws? Maybe the fact that it is only available online. Hahaha. However, don't be disappointed as you can easily get them from various nanay angels at the SYL Kbeauty Group on Facebook. If I'm not mistaken this retails at around P220 for 120mL. Watch out also for promos from time to time because these cleansers go on sale too.

What do you think about this cleanser? Would you like to buy one and try it for yourself? :)

Disclaimer: Although the item is sponsored, all my thoughts and opinions about the product are true and written in all honesty. I aim to provide the realest reviews that I can to everyone. Thank you & God bless!

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