Travel Lust List #1: France


I would like to think that my previous trip to United Kingdom is the one responsible for igniting my inner wander lust. Before, travelling for me is about shopping and scoring the best deals while learning about the place just comes second. After returning from London, I feel like there's something inside me that craves to see more of the world. Travelling became something about learning a specific country's culture, traditions, and immersing myself to their rich histories.

One country that top my dream destinations list is France. It has always been a dream country for me to visit, and I regret not taking the chance to cross countries when I was in London. I'd like to think that the reason could possibly because I am destined to come back soon. Back in high school, we'd talk a lot about France. A book that is very special to me, Les Miserables, made me want to learn more about their history, that is also partly the reason why I wanted to discover and learn more about the country first hand.

I recently did some research and found many attractions in Paris that I want to visit. One of them is the Louvre Museum. The place just looks so grand and minimalist which is the kind of aesthetic that I really love. I bet it'd look good as my background for both landscape and portrait photos too. The iconic glass pyramid in the courtyard is something I'm excited to see in person. The Da Vinci Code is also another book that made me crave to visit the place and see the actual paintings and works mentioned in the book in person.

Another place I'd like to tick off from my bucket list would be the Mont Saint-Michel. The Medieval architectural design of the infrastructures really draws me in. I am very amazed with how the island looks isolated, yet they have their own community inside the so-called walled city. Exploring this place would be amazing!

I wouldn't want to put Disneyland Paris last on my list. If I could go straight here from the airport, why not, right? I've done my research and came to know that there are various transportation options upon getting off the arrival area, including taxis which you can book ahead of time to bring you straight to Disneyland. There are taxi services there that actually offers different types of vehicles to suit your needs which I think is very convenient. I get giddy whenever I think about Disneyland because it is such a magical place, that stepping your foot inside can make you feel as if you are a kid again! It's just so colorful and the vibe of the place is happy (based on my experience in HK Disneyland)!

Aside from getting a taxi service that would directly bring me to Disneyland, you might wonder how will I get by going over the different places I have mentioned above. Fret not, dolls! I've done my research about this too and learned that taxis available at the airport does not only cater in going to Disneyland, but there are lots of them that can actually bring your around the city to make your travel hassle-free! These taxi services available at the airport are budget-friendly, so you also don't have to worry about spending your money on just transportation!

I am definitely looking forward into visiting France, and I'm going to equip myself with various gadgets for photography to capture every moment that will surely last a lifetime!


  1. I would cross county to visit London too when I was in France last year. But to my surprise, I need to get a different visa since UK isn't part of the European Union. I only have Schengen that time, and I have relatives in UK. :/

    But true, Louvre Museum is a must visit! And a day isn't actually enough for such a big museum. I hope you'll be able to visit France soon! :)

    Myx |

    1. Hello! :)

      If I'm not mistaken, despite UK being part of the EU from the past years, you still need to get a UK visa to enter the country especially if you are a tourist. :) The only exception before is if you are a citizen of any country from the EU, that's when you can exit and enter any territories within Europe without the need for any visa. :)

      Yes, Louvre Museum is such a beautiful place! :)



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