10 Things I Learned About Being An Adult


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Wow. I can't believe that it's been three months since I started working as a nurse in a hospital near our house. Transitioning from being a student to a working adult was indeed difficult but I eventually got the hang of it and began enjoying myself; although there will always be some inevitable ups and downs from time to time. For the past few weeks and months, I think I've learned a few things about the truth behind "adulting".

  1.  Coffee became my bestfriend.
  2.  Learn how to adapt to various circumstances because things there will be days where things don't go as planned or how you expect them to be.
  4.  You gotta stand up for yourself especially if you know deep inside that you haven't done anything wrong.
  5.  It's hard to spend money on my whims now that I am earning for myself and don't depend on my parents anymore.
  6.  I became extra disciplined when it comes to saving.
  7.  I have learned to deal with different people with different attitudes and personalities; sometimes, you just gotta inhale the positive stuff and exhale the bad vibes.
  8.  What I wanted to do and what I wanted to be in three years time became a lot clearer and now I know where to focus.
  9.  Nursing REALLY is for ME. I can't imagine myself working elsewhere... Although there are episodes where I consider pursuing a higher degree of education to a medical school... In the near future.
  10.  I am happier.
These are the ten things I have learned and realized for the past months of working. Although there are days where I get too exhausted and close to giving up but what kept me from striving hard and pushing through is my goal to give my parents the retirement they deserve, travel the world, and explore what's yet to discover. Being an adult is hard; it's more than what can be seen in the surface but it's fulfilling at the same time.


  1. I can see na gusto mo talaga yung ginagawa mo as a nurse. I can tell thru your tweets, maybe? Haha. But that's a good thing kasi you're doing what you love and you're happy with it. Nakakamiss tuloy magwork sa hospital. Haha. Mahirap pero iba sya sa pakiramdam lalo na pag naappreciate ka ng patients. :) Madami nga din talaga matututunan once you're working na. Keep doing what you love and stay happy :)

    1. Hi, Elaine!

      At first, I had a hard time adjusting especially sa number ng patients na hawak ko per shift kasi nasanay ako nung college na two to three maximum lang per student nurse-patient ratio. Pero eventually, nakaadjust naman ako and it's really fun! :)


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